Webinar: How to pitch to a supermarket


Webinar: How to pitch to a supermarket

If you’re a small food business in the UK, you only need to do one thing to get your buyer to put you on the shelf and keep you there: prove to them that you’re worth more, per store and per week, than your competitors. 

Learn how food companies use data to gain and maintain space on retail shelves, and why small business should use data to make strategic decisions and stay ahead of the competition.  

What you’ll learn

You’ll hear insights from a NielsenIQ data expert and two savvy food industry experts—one who pitches products, and one who decides what goes on the shelf.


Miranda Ballard

Small Business Sales Director UK, NielsenIQ 

Freya O’Mara

Senior Category Manager, Milk & More (Milk and More) 

Thomas Monk

Retail Channel Manager, TRIP