Webinar: A look ahead: Total wellness in 2022


Webinar: A look ahead: Total wellness in 2022

Health and wellness is now the single most powerful consumer force, as the full spectrum of consumers’ well-being needs are reshaped as a result of the global pandemic.

Though certainly still top of mind, consumers’ desires to take charge of their health, live purposefully, and improve their lives goes beyond diets and ingredients. NielsenIQ’s latest webinar dives deep into these important and emerging health and wellness trends.

Upcoming webinar: December 15

Wellness priorities are driving consumers to be more intentional with CPG products they put in and on their bodies, use in their homes, and feed their families. 

It’s living out personal values and meaningful lifestyle choices. 

It’s concern for the environment, animal welfare, and social responsibility. 

It’s managing health through food and functional ingredients. 

Sign up today: A look ahead at total wellness

Join our upcoming webinar on Wednesday, December 15th at 2 pm ET / 1 pm CT / 11 am PT. NielsenIQ’s Total Wellness Industry Leader, Sherry Frey, will reveal the emerging consumer health and wellness trends for the coming year. 

A deep look into total wellness

Join Total Wellness Industry Leader, Sherry Frey on December 15th for a deep look into the consumer health and wellness revolution. 

During this webinar you will learn: 

  • How consumers are approaching healthy living across Food & Beverage, Beauty & Personal Care, and Pet categories and what is driving their health priorities. 
  • The need for a holistic understanding of how trends play out and move across the store. 
  • Consumer expectations for products that fit their individual needs. 
  • The forces that will continue to drive health priorities in the future. 
  • The top wellness trends to watch in 2022.